Dishwasher heat boost (Resercon).


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Dishwasher heat boost (Resercon).

I thought I had better put this question under a new link.
When i install an electric timer on my hot water heater I forgot to ask about the dish washer.
It is a new Maytag. It has temperature boost, air dry, heat dry and no temperature boost buttons.
I have been using no temp boost and heat dry, works beautiful.
Washing dishes is an impulse type thing for me and lady friends who like to clean up sometimes. Is there really much energy wasted if the heat temperature boost and heat dry buttons are used?
I mention this since the hot water heater might have been off a while when the dishes get washed. I hope this is clear, if not please ask.
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With electricity wattage and time are the major factors. Because of the infrequency of use, the cost to operate is low. So it does not matter if you use those buttons or not.

For example, the average household that uses a dishwasher everyday for the whole year cost about $50. If you use it half of the time, it is $25. per year. You probably use it less than that.

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