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Question window condensation

Is there a way to stop window condensation on the inside? My problem is that around the bottom of the window, condensation is really bad and now that it is cold, it is freezing. I have towels there right now to prevent the water from spilling over onto the floor, once it starts to melt a little bit through the day time. Is there again anyway to prevent this besides reducing the humidity level in the house? Would the plastic sheets work once they are put up and heated to shrink?

Thanks for anyones help.
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I have to assume that you either have metal sashes, single pane windows, without storm windows or the storm windows are not closed.

If you have metal sash windows, then the most common thing that is going to stop the condensation is plastic. I have to caution you here if you have small children in the house. There have been cases where children have pulled down the plastic over windows and it covered their heads and they suffocated. If children are present, then you have to use a harder plastic sheet. These usually come in a roll and can be found at arts and crafts stores. Cut the plastic to cover the window opening and thumb tack on the corners to hold in place. Tape the edges to seal the window and once you have enough tape in place to hold up the plastic, remove the thumb tacks, because of the children.

If you have single pane windows without storm windows, you can do the same as mentioned above.

If you have storm windows, make sure the top and bottom panes of the storm windows are fully closed.

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