Polyseal Air infiltration barrier...What is it?


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Polyseal Air infiltration barrier...What is it?

My wife and I are looking for at new construction and have run across some builders that offer a polyseal air infiltration system. Is this the same thing as housewrap or simply sealing those are through which air might flow (ie. floor vents, doors etc.)?
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Polyseal Air Infiltration Barrier is a HouseWrap and the most known product is Tyvec. It is called a Polyseal because it serves several functions. First and foremost it replaces building paper under siding materials. Which function is to perform as a drainage plane for moisture that manages to get behind the siding, such as wind driven rain. Another function is to prevent air infiltrating the structure. Building paper is installed in rows that overlap the lower row. It has been shown that air can be blown under the overlaps and infiltrate the structure. These barriers are not installed in the same manner and where they do overlap, the seams are sealed with a special tape used for this application.

Another function is to prohibit moisture from being trapped inside the wall structure during the natural process of conductive heat transfer or diffusion during the winter. These barriers have a very high Perm Rating. Since all heat has moisture in it, as the heat inside the house traverses the structure to the outside during the winter, these barriers are speciifically designed to allow the moisture inside the heat to escape the structure. While performing the aforementioned functions quite effectively.

In other words, building paper perform the same functions as polyseal air barriers, however, these barriers perform these functions far more effectiively than building paper.

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