Ice buildup inside home


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Ice buildup inside home

Our back door is a 2 sliding door system. Both doors are glass. One door has a broken seal. We seem to have a lot of moisture build up around the doors themselves. I now have ice builing up around the doors at the bottom. This seems very odd to me. What can I do to stop this from happening all winter. Thanks
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You may want to look at the tracks. Moisture may not be able to escape from the tracks. Mine had weep holes so that rain or any other moisture could run out. Yours may be blocked. It really was a pain trying to keep the tracks cleaned out, but it had to be done. Just a thought. Good luck.
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I noticed that most of the water that was building up was at the top of the doors. In the tracks, and looked as if the water were dripping down to the bottom, above the door tracks, on the door.
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By seal I take it you mean thermopane glass. That and as cold as it is with high humidity in the home it will tend to build up ice on the sliders that way. Also you dont say how old they are. Many of the new sliders and windows that we use now .The outside frame has like a plastic seal between it and the inside frame. This tends to stop the cold from comeing in through the aluminum frame from outside to teh inside.


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