Replace window coverings to warm up room?


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Replace window coverings to warm up room?

We are currently transforming a bedroom into a baby's room. The room is always a little colder than other areas of the house (~3-4 cooler). In an effort to warm up the room I am looking at replacing the blinds.

Currently the window is covered with the cheapo $4 plastic vertical blinds. I was thinking of replacing the blinds with Double Cell blinds by Bali. There are supposed to be energy efficient. The window is a double pane Energy star window that is not really drafty, just large for the room (Outside wall is 10' long and window is 62".)

Can I really expect to notice a difference?

Thanks for any help.
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You are not going to see or sense that much of a difference just because you went with a better window blind. The large window may be the cause but I would assume that the difference in room temperature was because the room was unoccupied. People produce heat and only from their bodies but from use, which causes friction. Think about a seat cushion you sat in for 15 minutes. It is much warmer where you sat than the rest of the sofa. This heat is eventually transferred to the rest of the sofa, which affects the temperature in the room. Furthermore, a room that is occupied is more cluttered than one that is not. All heating systems heat the volume of the air in the room. The more stuff you have in the room, the less air the heating system has to heat.

I am not saying do not buy the blinds or they are worthless. I am saying that it is probably not the solution to your problem. Once you have converted the bedroom into the child's room and furnished it and begin using it, the temperature difference will probably be alleviated. If you have a forced hot air system, call a qualified contractor to adjust the dampers in the system to send more heat to this room, if the problem still persists.

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