How can I winterize my exterior french/garden doors?


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Question How can I winterize my exterior french/garden doors?

We had a "professional" renovate our patio sliding doors - 3 years ago - replaced them with exterior garden doors (also called French doors).

Basically - 2 doors that swing out - close to meet in the centre. The right door has 2 'bolts' that slide out (ie: up and down) to lock the right door into place, and then the left door closes like a regular door.

Anyway - I noticed that there is a slight gap at the centre (very bottom and at the very top), sort of like a little hole. The gap does not run the entire length of the doors (I can e'mail pics for anyone who needs a visual, because my description is a bit 'wordy').

I went to Home Depot - and was told that there was a kit that came with the door that the installer should have used . Otherwise, there was nothing available on the market - and this was a flaw with garden doors and I had to live with it (because the 'gent' helping me was living with it (he, too, has garden doors) why shouldn't everyone else?) I can't see that being true. After all, I'm probably not the only one who wants to throw my money away heating the outside.

Any suggestions on how to 'winterize' these (short of covering them in plastic, and making them virtually unusuable for 6 months of the year).


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If I'm not mistaken, the "kit" consists of a couple of plastic pieces that attach to the frame, thereby sealing those tiny gaps. (I just finished installing the same doors.).

Try to find out the manufacturer of the doors to get the trim pieces....

Or - sweet talk the guy at H.D... telling him the doors you just bought were missing the pieces - he may swipe them from another in-stock door - solving your problem and creating one for the next buyer. (they did that for me).

Good luck... and smooth talking...........

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