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Electric or Gas {Fuel Cost Comparison}

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10-01-05, 09:03 PM   #1  
Electric or Gas

We need to replace our hot water heater. We currently have an electric one. In order to install a gas one, we need to also install a power vent along with the gas piping cost and additional water pipe to move it to another spot. Based on the extra installation cost and the rise in natural gas, what's the opinion on savings on the gas model???? The current one is 1992 era.

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10-01-05, 09:40 PM   #2  
I'm possibly misguided... but over the years, with 7 different homes so far.... I always look for gas appliances, especially the water heater. While I've never compared the "cost/thermal BTU" - I've always come to the conclusion that gas is less expensive to operate.

Another reason, in my opinion/experience, is that a gas water heater offers superlative regenerative powers compared to electric. (they provide hot water faster and longer than electric). As a "fan" of long, hot showers - gas is the only way to go...

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10-02-05, 05:55 AM   #3  
Hello: Sue

Energy costs will continue to rise. Both gas and electric. So the factors that can be used to determine which energy source to use is not the only factor, in my opinion. In some areas of the county, natural gas is used to generate electric.

The engines that power the generators to produce electric power use natural gas as a fuel source because it is clean burning, easily available and already being used in most areas, among other reasons. So the consumer is already paying the natural gas fuel costs to produce power.

The initial costs of installation for a gas water heater will be recouped over the long term. Most likely during the normal service life of the gas tank unit. If not that soon than likely within a brief period there after.

Basically, which fuel to use and the intial costs to convert is a choice only you can make based upon your needs, the circumstances, conditions and expense accounts.

Natural gas is still fairly priced by comparisions and the costs are likely to be reduced as supplies return to normal. Same applies to gasoline. High presently, like natural gas, do to storm factors, limited supplies and high demand. Lower when supply meets demands.

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Regards and Good Luck.
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