Cold air from drains


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Cold air from drains

I have extemely cold air coming from my kitchen sink drains and tub drains. Neither has a trap on them.

Is there any way to prevent this?

Second question.
I have major ice daming each year due to the fact that there is no true atic in my home, only a 8 -12 inch gap between the second floor and the roof so no insulation seems to help. Where can I find a snow puller to remove snow from the roof? I really do not want to try to get up on a ladder to do it in the winter.
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You really need to have some sort of P-trap on all you drains leaving the inside of your home. It will solve 2 problems:
1) P-traps keeps foul odors from septic/sewer systems from entering your home.
2) Keep cool air from returning back up into your home.
What type system do you have? Or is it running outside your home onto tohe ground? Either way, you can install a common P-trap as a last resort for both of them to use. This will also help keep the varmits from entering your home.
What do you mean no insulation will help? My home is similiar to what you are describing. Upstairs has angled walls running the angle of the roof. I have insulation between the 2 spaces and it helps alot.
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Not having traps on ANY fixture is very dangerous. It is not just the unpleasantness of the smell, it's what is IN the smell. Sewer gas contains Methane. A flammable gas. If you are on City sewer, it is even worse. Chemicals used in cleaning are usually safe when used by themselves. When mixed, they can be very bad. Bleach and ammonia is one example. When mixed, they form a hazardous gas that can kill you. Both these chemicals are used in normal house cleaning. You have a much more serious problem than cold air coming into your home. Both problems can be solved by installing traps on the fixtures. Good luck.

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