how to prevent heatloss?


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how to prevent heatloss?

This probably has been asked on numerous occasions but I could not find what I was looking for in the previous threads so here it goes.

Because of a 15 year old house, I am loosing heat from windows and doors.

I have seen a silicon type product that is suppose to work great around windows and doors that prevents heat/cold from escaping.... I am doing this on the interior of the house, I was looking for silicon because its clear and cannot be seen visually (although with time is probably get yellowish), so mostly for the view. Are there negative or positive things about this? Is there something else, something standard that works good to insulate around windows and doors? I have tryed standard insulation solutions, the stickly 1/4 inch strips that go between the inside/outside of door and windows but they dont seem to help much, because they dont get into some of the cracks, in addition they look awful.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
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how to prevent heatloss?

I hope you are not proposing to use the silicon caulking on the windows for an air seal.
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Depends a lot on the type of windows you have-- single pane, aluminum, wood? Remember you cant paint pure silicone. I would use a latex caulk with silicone added that is paintable.
Most door leaks happen on the bottom. Make sure the rubber on the bottom of the door is making full contact with the threshold. A lot of air comes in between the door/window frame and the framing. If you can pull off the casing (trim) and fill in the gap with fiberglass insulation or minimal expanding foam is the best that will help a lot.

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