Double / French Door Weatherstripping


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Double / French Door Weatherstripping

Could anybody be kind enough to guide me on how I can weather strip a double / french door unit? Wind drafts comes through the cracks between the two doors.

And how do I weatherstrip the top and bottom edges as well on these doors? One door is stationary all the time while the other door is in use for egress purposes.

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Add Wooden Strip to Movable Door

I live in the mountains of North Carolina. The north facing side of the house has 4 sets of double french doors that sound similar to yours. To add more living space, the builder installed the doors so they open out rather than in. The vertical weather strip attached to the fixed side of the door that overlaps the joint between the doors now faces inside rather than outside so air hits the vertical seam between the doors hits it full blast.

To solve this, I added a vertical strip of wood about 2 1/2" wide to cover the outside seam, from top to bottom. I used solid oak I picked up at my local Lowes / DIY center. I attached the wooden strip to the movable side of the french doors with a thin layer of construction adhesive and counter sunk metal screws (the french doors are metal). I plugged the holes with wooden dowels.

Big improvement. I also removed all the trim around the door and filled the cavities around the jams, etc. with expanding insulating foam. Finally, after reinstalling the door trim, I caulked between the wall and the trim.

No more air infiltration around the door or between the doors.

Hope this helps.

Scott C

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