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Question Electrical Panel

I am doing some weatherstripping on my garage. Most of my air leaks have been filled. I took my electrical panel cover off and there is 2' conduit from my meter base on the outside wall coming through the back of my panel. There is massive air coming through around the cables. I plan on insulating this but have 2 question first.
1) the spary foam that is available no are DAP and Great Stuff. These fill holes very nicely. But can these be used on insulated cables without any problems. There is no heat disipation needed due to the fact they are over sized for the maximum load allowed per main breaker.
2) Should I used fiberglass insulation and stuff up in the hole?

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I had the same problem and i just put a bunch of DAP around the hole --sealed it up nicely. By the way using fiberglass wont do a very good job of air sealing-- it just slows down heat transfer. Only foam caulk and certain kinds of tape will actually seal the air leak which is what you want to do here. Dont forget to foam/caulk around every service penetration to the band joist or upper floor you find in the basment including plumbing chases and water pipes. I sealed everything i could find and found it actually made a difference in how cold the basement felt. There was an actual breeze of air going up my main sewage plumbing pipe all the way to the attic.
I read somewhere that the more air you can prevent from entering the basement/foundation are the slower the (heated) air will leave out the roof due to the stack effect.

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