Sealing off 2 unused rooms, good/bad? Mold?

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Question Sealing off 2 unused rooms, good/bad? Mold?

I live alone in my 3bdr 2 1/2bth house. I was told to cut down on electrictiy I should close off the brd vents, close the doors with towels covering the bottom gap.

Those 2 bedrooms account for about 25% of the house so it seems like that would make a noticeable difference in electricity used to heat the house.

But, my mother is telling me I need to keep the thermostat at 68 or 69 because mold can develop under the walls if the house is too cold.

At this time I have my thermostat at 65 or 67. When I go to work which is usually 11-12 hours of the day I drop the thermostat to 62. It takes about 40 minutes for the house to get back up to 65.

Will I risk the bedrooms becoming moldy if I seal those 2 unused rooms off? Should I keep my thermostat at 68 or 69 to avoid mold problems?

This is my first house and I don't need mold when I go to sell it in 2-3 years.

Thanks for any help!!
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To try and seal rooms off in a home dont pay. Think about it. You have all that insulation in all the out side walls. So if you close a room and it cools down then the inside walls for the rest of the home by the walls get cold because they have no insulation in them. So now the rest of the home can get cooler because of the cold walls. Also the furnace is sized for the home. When it comes on so you cant go and close down a lot of registers. The stack temp will go up and its just a waste of heat.

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ED - The OP says it's electric heat.

I don't know about sealing off rooms in the south, but up here in the chilly NE I routinely close off two of our four bedrooms every winter. It makes a big difference in our heating bills. We've never had a mold problem and I open the doors to the rooms whenever the outside temp warms up. Been doing it for 20 years.

Even when outside temps get below freezing, the closed off rooms never go below the mid 50's. An inch of sheetrock and the airspace on the partition walls act as an insulator.

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