arctic gusts from under dryer!


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arctic gusts from under dryer!

I wasn't sure whether to put this here or under insulation!

I have a horribly cold draft (more like 20mph arctic gusts if you ask me!) coming from under/around my dryer. I have checked my lint trap outside and its clear. Its one of the newer ones I believe, looks like this:
I am told its not supposed to let air in, anyone here know??? Is there a better one out there for draft protection?

Out of frustration today I pulled the dryer out and caulked around the vent going outside, and then tightened everything down. It is a straight shoot through the wall. There was only a thin plastic ring around the hose on the wall, no insulation, foam or caulking. My ? is, is there more I can do? BTW, if I leave a load of clothes in, it gets frigid. There is obviously a leak going into the dryer as well. I expect this to a degree, but can I do something to stop this too?

Thank You so much!!
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Hello: Tina

Air drafts may not be coming in. Rather going out, depending upon where the machine is located. As you stated in your post. If the dryers interior is colder then room temp, suspect the vent.

If interior same as room temp, likely drafts coming into area where machine is located and exiting through machine and out the vent.

A means to determine which way air flow is going, is to observe the exhaust vents internal hood flapper door. If the hood opens when drafts occur and machine is not on, air is coming from inside to outside.

Not likely coming in through vent into dryer. Exhaust hoods internal flapper door closes when there is no air flow out of dryer. If dryer exhaust hood installed correctly, flapper door remains closed when dryer not running.
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Try this site. It also explains how it works and why. Not bad for less tham $20.
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Thanks Guys! I'm putting that to use.
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I've used those vents that resercon mentioned. They work well to keep air from coming in through the pipe itself. You still have to seal up the outside of the pipe as well, however. In my experience with those vents, the opaque plastic is very susceptable to UV degredation, and gets quite brittle in a short time. But I can attest that it works as advertised, as far as not letting air come down the pipe.
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I seen this vent at Home Depot. Check their website for availability. It may be a few dollars cheaper.

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