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Question faced BATTS question

I am planning to add R-38 BATTS insulation to exisitng blown cellulose in the attic.

I have a simple question, but would appreciate a clarificaiton....

1. By mistake, i picked up "FACED" BATTS and then opened the package so it is now difficult to return to Lowes. Is it acceptable for me to simply tear off and "remove" the paper facing and then does it become standard non-FACED batts? Is there any difference to the material used in faced vs. non-faced batts, other than the paper facing?

2. Is it OK to then add the R-38 BATTS with the removed facing on top of the current blown insulation?

3. Is adding "more" than required a bad thing for attic circulation, etc?

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There is a point of diminishing returns when it comes to adding insulation. More important is sealing off points of infiltration into attic. It is important to seal all gaps around perimeter of walls, chimneys, vents, and any gap that would allow warm, humid air to escape into attic from below.

Facing on batt insulation acts as a vapor retarder. When installed as a first layer, it is installed with the facing down toward the attic floor to minimize infiltration from below. Adding insulation over existing blown-in requires no vapor retarder. Unfaced batts are used in this application. Faced batts will trap any moisture in insulation and can cause wet insulation and other moisture issues. Wet insulation loses its insulative qualities, as does compacted insualtion.

Cut lots of slits in the facing on the batts of new insulation so that vapor can pass through. If you have not opened all the packages, you can exchange them.

Your local building code office can tell you what the required R-factor is for your area. Take into consideration R-factor of existing insulation.
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thanks for the quick reponse..much appreciated.

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