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Storm Windows in slots for Screens?????

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01-03-07, 10:35 AM   #1  
Storm Windows in slots for Screens?????

I have 40 year old double paned windows that roll left and right in my 1960s ranch. I can feel a slight breeze on cold windy days. leaking Heat and A/C.

I have screens for all the windows.

Seems it would be easy and inexpensive to buy storm windows that go in the slots for the screens????

Where could I look to buy them?

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01-03-07, 03:11 PM   #2  
These would likely be custom order at a cost that you could likely afford replacement windows. Check at your local glass and window supply center or home center.

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10-05-08, 09:16 AM   #3  
New Storm windows

A late reply:
You can easily do storms for much less than a new window, depending on your handiman skills. They will be fairly expensive to buy new, especially triple track, but will last for years. Or a local woodworker can make wood storms, some with clips to allow the glass to be removed and screen inset, if you need screens.

If current cash is the issue, try a simple 1x2 wood frame screwed together with plastic stapled around the frame. For a better look, use the kind that shrinks clear and tight with a hair dryer. You may need a middle strut to keep the sides from bowing in. Or get a piece of plexiglass and silicone (or wood trim) it to the outside of the frame. If you have the tools, make a rabbett grove and inset the plexi or glass with caulk or glazing putty. You now have a traditional storm window, and could probably find the hanging hardware for it at a local hardware sstore.

I ran in to and tried using the DIY screen frame kits, only using the heat-shrink plastic instead of screening. Works pretty well, need the middle strut. I also found a supplier for the aluminum framing similar to the screen kits, but made to hold glass or plexiglass. The real cost here will be the plexiglass, but since it will last longer than the plastic, it is pennies per year. Do one window or room at a time.

Or just staple the plastic over the window per the kit.

have fun!

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10-05-08, 10:17 AM   #4  
Storm windows

thx for the advice.
On one window, as a test, I cut plexiglass that fits in where the screen would go. It has stayed there ~6 months.

Now is the nice time of year in Atlanta.
Cool at night and the windows are open.

As winter arrives, I may put more plexiglass sheets in other windows to keep the heat in.....

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10-05-08, 05:47 PM   #5  
Our local lumberyard cuts glass and repairs broken storm windows. They can also make individual sashes if you bring them the measurements. I'm sure many lumberyards or glass company could probably do this as well. Maybe even your local Ace Hardware. Not sure about the big box stores. It would basically be just a piece of glass surrounded by an aluminum frame that is the same exact size as your screen is. You'd probably need some turn buttons to hold them in place because they won't likely clip in the same way your screens do.

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10-05-08, 07:03 PM   #6  
Storm windows

I just have the plexiglass now where the screens and their aluminum frame goes.

It would be great to have the plexiglass surrounded by an aluminum frame that is the same exact size as your screen is.

Who can make the frame at a decent price?

The other option is to get new windows at ~$500 per window

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