Turn off heat downstairs to save $$$??


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Question Turn off heat downstairs to save $$$??

I was talking to a neighbor earlier today. He mentioned to me that turning the heat off on the first floor will cut the electric bill down dramatically.
The house has one unit, thermostat on each floor (2 story). All bdr upstairs.

I think it makes sense since heat rises....
I was thinking to keep the lower level on 60 and upper level on 65. I usually keep both at 65. I have a standing heater next to the bed that I usually keep on 67 through the night (bdr door closed). I was even thinking maybe leave the house at 60 and keep the room at 67. I work long hours so the house is at 61 when not there....

I wanted to ask before experimenting. Last January I someone had a 200+ electric bill which was more than double than any bill I've ever had. Never figured that month out.

Entire house is electric. Thanks for any help!!
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You answered your own question. Heat rises. Keeping the 1st floor a couple of degrees higher than the upper floor will be more economical. As the extra 2 degrees of heat rises (and you can't stop it), the upper level heat won't have to work as hard to keep it temperate.
We are a little more crazy than most, I guess, but are quite comfortable at 60 degrees. If we feel a little cool while watching TV, we can fire up the gas logs and heat that area. Going to bed under cover, you don't need as much heat, except speed racing to the bathroom.
Tonight it will get to 19, so I will fire up the plenum heater in the basement and keep the house warm without the use of the heat pump (which is worthless below 25 degrees anyway.)

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