Cold basement/ warm 1st level


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Cold basement/ warm 1st level

We bought this house 3 years ago (Pennsylvania). It's a single story, with a basement that's exposed on the back, with windows and doors. The space under the attached garage is an unfinished storage area. When we bought the house (built in 1999) there were dampness and water infiltration issues, which I resolved by re-directing the (clogged) gutters to the rear of the property, installing a perimeter seepage drain, and sealing the block walls (from the inside) that were leaking. There was also an air exchange system installed, which I removed because our outdoor air quality is poor and it was bringing tons of dirt into the house. Also, there are 2 separate heating/cooling units - one for each level. There were 2 separate air exchangers as well.

In the summertime the basement stays a fairly constant 70 degrees (we set the AC at 78, and it almost never runs), while the 1st floor is 10-15 degrees warmer, which causes the air conditioner to run. I have been trying to figure out a way to bring the cool basement air into the 1st floor. The previously mentioned air exchange system included a return line from the basement to the cold air return for the 1st floor, so I made an extension to that return line, pulling cool air from the storage area under the garage. I don't know if it helps or not, however, it only helps when the 1st floor air conditioner runs. In the winter, it helps bring moister air into the 1st level.

How can I harness all this cool basement air to help cool the 1st floor during the summer? And did I terribly upset the system balance by opening the return line between floors?
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Two systems for a one story home! Must be set up for heat more than AC. Adding a return down stairs will not work because you can't take air away from an area that your not adding to. 70 degree air is not going to make any real difference in your elec bill. Id worry more about the humidity in the basement with no AC load.

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