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power saver

came across an adv for an eletrical saver, maybe ya'll could look at it & render an opinion, it sounds too good to be true, www.power-save1200.com
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These units have been discussed several times on the electrical forum. The consensus of the experts there is that this unit will do nothing in a typical residential setting.

Capacitors are often used in industry to improve "lagging power factor" caused by electric motors. The biggest difference in residential is that residential is NOT billed for power factor and so any improvement in power factor will not be seen as a reduction in actual electricity used.

BTW, the video demonstration of this product is, in my opinion, totally bogus.
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I've seen calculations done by real experts of what these power factor correction devices would do in a residential setting. In the BEST case, they estimate you might be able to save about $0.30 per month. That's the best case scenario, it probably would be less than that. With that kind of dismal savings, the payback is horrendously long.

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