Weatherstripping sliding metal windows


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Weatherstripping sliding metal windows

I've been searching online to no avail. Does anyone know how to weatherstrip a sliding metal windows (only one sash slides)? Is adhesive-backed foam a viable option?

Thank you in advance.
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Your question is a bit vague, and it's hard to give advice on any specific proceedure- there are literally 1000's of windows out there and they are all different. If it's an aluminum sliding window, I would guess that you maybe have a pile weatherstrip that has a flat nylon backing which slides into a groove. Is the weatherstrip on the frame of the window or on the sash that slides?

You'd need to get the right thickness, and the right size to fit in your groove. Talk to a glass shop. Take a sash in to them to show them.
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Last time I took the sash out, I remember seeing worn-out thin layers of felt on the edges of the sash. There aren't any other visible weatherstrips, so I guess those felts were it. The sash is too big for me to transport and it's in our baby's nursery room so I can't really take it to anywhere. Would it just be easy as replacing the worn-out felts with new felts of right thickness? The window is about 20 years old. Thanks!
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most likely it's like xsleeper said, pile weatherstripping. look at your window again and where the weatherstripping goes there should be a slot in the metal. the weatherstripping comes with a flat section that needs to slide into this slot. they come in different sizes so you need to measure the slot in your windows and get a weatherstripping that is a little less than that. on top of having different sizes of slots, there are also different thickness of the felt, which isn't as crucial but it's still good to get one that fits just right. some windows have a weatherstripping with a little fin in the felt too so you might want to check to see if yours have a fin. there's also just a weatherstripping that has an adhesive back so that you just stick it on, but over time i don't know if this product would hold up as well as the regular weatherstripping.
this website is where most glass companies order their materials, here's a link to their weatherstripping

just find the one that you need, write down the part number, and then call a local glass shop and have them order you that part.

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