Help trying to stay warm?

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Help trying to stay warm?

Our rental we live in is a townhome that will not stay above 57 degrees throughout the home, even with a portable heater turned on. Last weekend, I put up the plastic over the large living room windows, we put weather stripping on the front door and the door leading to garage, but the problem is that there doesnt seem to be any insulation throughout the townhome.... so the 2 walls that are common with the garage and living room are cold to the touch and must be part of the reason we cannot keep any warmth?? I hear you can insulate the garage door on the inside, and I saw they have weather stripping for garage door cracks, but does anyone else have any suggestions as to how to keep the warmth inside? The garage was once a room so that is all drywalled, but obviously there isnt any insulation in the walls. Also, the floors are Pergo and there's a fireplace that doesnt have glass doors, so I assume that adds to the problem. Even though it doesnt get very cold here in Portland, it's been in the 30s lately and it's quite a miserable existence, not wanting to get up from under the blanket! I can feel cold air circulating as I sit here and type!

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This is a rental, so you can do very little without first getting the landlord's permission. But, on that note, 57 degrees is not reasonable and you should be able to get the owner to fix this for you.
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It probably wouldn't be too hard to add insulation to the common wall if one of the wall sides is still unfinished. Also, there is insulation that they can "spray in" to places so it can be added at pretty much any time.

But I agree, I would probably involve the landlord in anything like that from the beginning. They might not even know it is a problem, so you should bring it up to them and see where they would be willing to go from there.
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I would seriously plan to move. I doubt the landlord will invest the money needed to upgrade this house. The fact that it is so cold represents a fundamental building design problem that is not easily remedied.
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57 degrees! Yeowsers! Iím not sure about where you live but where Iím from there are specs to the type and thickness of insulation in which wall R-15, R-30, etc (exterior, roof and interior). If it seriously canít get above 57 degrees even with heating the place adequately then you should talk to the realty management, landlord or if that doesnít work county permits or county codes to see if he is out of compliance?? Or if you donít have a lease, move! Good luck staying warm! (and save your reciepts, its his house after all-he should pay)

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