Gas Stove vs Electric


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Gas Stove vs Electric

I have an electric stove top, but would rather have a gas one. I like the instant flame, but I'm more curious about the savings. We use it 3x per day and live in Michigan. (DTE is POCO.)

My wild guess is that the stove use costs about $30-40 month in electric? It has 4 burners, (33" x 22") --a Maytag that goes back to the 1980's I think. Does anyone have ideas on the cost savings or aprox payback time for switching a gas unit???

Thanks in advance
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From all that I read, newer appliances are more efficient in their use of energy than old ones are. So a newer range will save money. I also read that gas is more efficient than electricity, but not compelling economically. The cost of installing a gas line for your kitchen might make the change quite expensive.

Some energy consumption charts on various web sites show that the cost of operating an electric stove varies from $60 - 150 per year for current models.

You can use the energy star labels on appliances to evaluate the relative ratings among certain appliances.

Hope this helps.
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(BTU/hr. input) X (Hourly estimated usage) X (Cost per THERM)

Sum is divided by 100,000 = Estimated annual costs

Example: Gas Range

BTU/hr. rating - 30,000

Estimated hourly use per year - 365 hours

Estimated cost per THERM - $1.00

(30,000)(365)(1)/100,000= $109.00 annual costs of operation.


(wattage of appliance) X (Estimated hourly usage) X (Cost per kilowatt hour)

Sum is divided by 1,000 = Estimated annual cost of operation


Kilowatt rating - 12,000

Estimate cost per kilowatt hour - $.20

Estimated annual hourly use - 90 hours

(12,000)(.20)(90)/1,000= $216.00

These estimates were used for example only. You can obtain these numbers off the appliances and your utility bill for a more accurate comparison.

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