insulating around an oil burner


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insulating around an oil burner

i live in a split level home in NY and am looking to safely insulate (and sound proof) around my oil burner. The unit is surrounded by a combination of materials on all 4 sides. On one side, within 1 foot is metal framed sheetrock wall to the finished part of my basement. The flue side is poured concrete. The other 2 sides from 4 feet down is open to the unfinished side. One of those two sides is completely open, the other side from 4 feet and up there's a combination of wood framing and sheetrock within a foot of the unit. The ceiling of this area is completely wood framed. Is it true that for insulation i have to stay 18 inches away from the flue on all sides?

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Not the same

You seem to talk about insulation and soundproofing as if they were the same thing and they are totally different.

I doubt you want to insulate the area and keep the heat around the oil burner, so I suspect you are really saying you want to soundproof around the oil burner.

First of all, I would check with the oil burner manufacturer and see the minimum safe distance for combustable materials and verify you current walls are far enough away.

Secondly, check on the internet for soundproofing materials to get an idea what you can put up and the minimum safe distances from a combustion source that these can be placed.

From the sounds of it, it sounds like your oil burner is already in a pretty confined space. I would hate to be the tech working on it when something goes wrong.

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