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Old house - drafty windows

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09-10-08, 10:13 AM   #1  
Old house - drafty windows

Hi All,

I spent this spring/summer re-opening all the windows that my husband had lovingly sealed with silicon. He had done such a fine job that there was no window in the house I could just raise to get a breeze. I went out this year and I unsealed all of the windows on the first floor of my home. He is on duty in another state right now, so I had much time this summer to work on the house alone. Here is my question.

Winter in New England can be brutal and I've removed the protection that was there. What is the most effective way for me to prepare my single pane (pain), 80 year old windows? Since I restored and painted the windows on the outside this year I don't want to put plastic and staples on the outside, so what inside treatments are available to me. Does that doublesided tape and plastic really work? Are there other methods that are just as effective?

Buying new windows isn't going to happen anytime soon.

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09-10-08, 04:11 PM   #2  
The plastic sheet kits work reasonably well as long as you get them sealed completely.The only downside is that the tape can cause problems with paint that isn't sticking very well to the trim surfaces and if that's the case it's going to peel anyway.

Instead of silicon there is what is referred to as "roll caulking" which is a form of mildly sticky putty in a peel off roll formed like a bead of caulk.Put it on,remove in the spring with no trouble at all.

Might just look around at different stores as there are various kits around.Always new stuff coming along as well.

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10-02-08, 07:18 AM   #3  
seal windows

I have used the film inside for several years. In addition to stopping drafts it creates an air space for some insulation. As stated above it will pull off paint that is not applied right. I also use a product called "seal&peel" it comes in a tube,is clear, and can be removed easily. Stay warm. RW

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10-02-08, 04:59 PM   #4  
i sware by the window kits. i do my patio sliding door, the effect is felt immediately. and its a pretty well sealed door as is. even dual pane windows are not the best insulators.

for the window seems. i would try painters tape. its made not to stick too much. then the window kit.

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10-26-08, 08:15 AM   #5  
Hi Renovation, Just joined the board and this thread is a bit old, but the issue of making all improvements possible to old windows is a problem a lot of folks face. Some folks just want to keep their old windows, oak trim and classic looks. Others, like you mentioned, are holding off on new units. Look up window quilts, there are some you can make yourself. Any windows in rooms you don't use, cover them with just about anything. Like the plastic films, as long as you seal out the inside air it helps. Just make sure it comes off easily in case you have to use that window as an emergency exit. There are many options that range from cosmetically appealing to not so attractive but they work. Post back if you want more options.

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