3/4" Weatherstripping around door


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Question 3/4" Weatherstripping around door

I recently moved into a new house, and some weatherstripping on one of the exterior doors was beat up and not working, so I removed it. The gap that needs to be filled is 3/4", which is fairly large. All of the weatherstripping that they sell in Home Depot / Lowe's that I've found is 5/8" or smaller.

Any ideas on how I can fill the gap? Would combining two types of weatherstripping work?
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Hi Adam, A little late, but maybe this will help. IMO it doesn't work well to try to cover a large gaps with weather stripping. First, make sure the door isn't loose. With the door open a little, lift on the door knob and see if the door moves up and down. If the hinges or frame are loose, you should try to secure things before fitting the weather stripping. Second, it is often easier to pad out the door to fit the opening than trying to fill the gap with w/s. Look all around the door and judge the gap. If you can have someone with a table saw rip a piece of wood to tack onto the edge of the door so it fits closer to the frame, then regular w/s will finish the job. Glue sand and paint and it will look like it was always there. In some cases, the strip of trim can be added to the frame and door stop. Hope that helps.

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