Outdoor Wood Furnace


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Outdoor Wood Furnace

I have a wood furnace coming and i need help hooking it up. I have an oil furnace now that runs my hot water and it goes to an air handler to heat my house through forced air. What do i need to do to install? DO i just bypass the furnace and can i use my heat exchanger that already exists in my air handler?
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It appears you have an oil fired boiler, not a furnace, since it produces hot water first, and then goes to the heat exchanger. I'm going to assume that you have a wood fired boiler coming? It produces hot water right? If so, most people hook these up in parallel with their oil fired boilers. This allows the use of the oil fired boiler as a backup.

So basically, you're correct, but there are a ton of details that you need to take into account that are beyond the scope of a message board. It's not a trivial installation and you really should get a professional to at least guide you through it.

Good luck!

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