How to replace rubber strip under front door?


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How to replace rubber strip under front door?

I just got a new home and the strip under the front door is broken. The rubber strip attached to the underside of the door. You can feel the draft. Maybe a 1/4" or more crack. It is a wood door. How do you replace this? Is it an easy do it yourself job. Tools needed? Thanks for any thoughts.
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Depending on exactly what weatherstrip you have on the bottom of the door you may be able to find a replacement.That said many are difficult or impossible to find.It just depends on who made it,how old it is etc.

If you can find it and it is held in a groove within a peice mounted to the door it's likely you will have to remove the peice so you can slip the rubber into it from the end.If you're lucky you may be able to position the door so you can remove/install it with the peice still on.

The other option is a new weatherstrip.There are many varietites and they vary in how difficult they are to mount and how well they work.It also depends on how visible you want this to be or not be.

The easiest version is a sweep which is a rigid strip with a rubber peice that hangs down over the crack.You mount it to the bottom of the door but not underneath the door.The rubber part is flexible and moves with the movement of the door but when the door is closed it blocks the crack and draft.There is a wide variety of these by several manufacturers in various colors,sizes etc.they typically are 36 in. long and you cut it if you need to.

There are a variety of other door bottom strips around.Some mount to the actual door bottom some to the floor some to both etc.

You'll need to shop around and look at the various types carried.Shop where there is knowledgeable saleshelp to assist you and explain what they carry and how to install them etc.
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