Black & Decker Thermal Leak Detector TLD100


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Black & Decker Thermal Leak Detector TLD100

Has anyone tried the B&D TLD100? Just looking for feedback before purchasing.

Black & Decker Energy Series

The problem I have is I have a corner bedroom (2 exterior walls each with a window) which gets extremely cold in the winter. With the overnight temperatures starting to drop lower this time of year I can already notice a difference in comfort level in the room.

I have tried looking for leaks using incense and tissue tricks but nothing conclusive. My window glass is cold to touch on a freezing day and it seems outdoor noises are louder than they should be. It seems I only conclude at the moment I lose a lot of heat through a convecton loop and if you are near a window you can sometimes feel the breeze from this.

Now I have a general idea of where the cold spots already are so, not sure how much value this tool would have in my case.
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I've never tried that device but I use a Mastercool Infrared thermometer model 52227 for about $20. instead. I went to the Black and Decker page and it looks like that is kind of the same thing as what I have but a bit fancier as you can program it to look for temperature variances from a set-point. The Mastercool contact thermometer I use is a simpler version of that. I use it to determine the temperature of a glass window or wall. It's helped me find several cold spots. Not sure if it's what you're looking for or not though.

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