Door very tight with weatherstripping


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Door very tight with weatherstripping

I have a front door that leaks cold air. Every weathestripping I have tried so far causes it to be very hard to close the latch and deadbolt (the both drag because the door is tight against the jam). Any suggestions?
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Hi stumped, it is a trade off between a good seal and a door that closes. Plus, if you leave it just right, will the weather stripping yield over time leaving it loose. What type of seal are you using? If there just isn't enough space to fit in a new seal, then the gap may need to be increased, but I'm guessing without being able to see it.
Pictures would help:

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I will try to post a photo. I wonder if I am not applying the weatherstripping correctly.

Does it go where the side of the door makes contact with the jam or where the face of the door makes contact with the jam?. Same question for the top of the door.

I think I have tried it both ways in the past, but it would be good to know which method is correct.

I had been using the foam adhesive type. I bought some of the type with the rubber seal that gets nailed to the jam and I want to be sure I nail it correctly.

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A lot depends on the door and frame set up ans whether the door has a specific stripping or is designed for a specific type.

Generally speaking the nail on with rubber edge type is designed to be attached at a point where when the door is closed it presses against the rubber strip.It is not applied between the door and frame it is applied in front of the door next to where the door rests once closed.If the frame has an inset that the door closes against you put the weatherstrip on top of that so that the door surface presses against the rubber strip.

Foam is generally applied in a similar manner.Putting foam between the door and frame generally causes the foam to get torn up quickly or as with yours not fit right.Foam should be considered temporary as it usually doesn't last more than one season.
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The foam weatherstripping is applied to door stop on top and on the latch side. On the hinge side, it is put on the door jamb next to the door stop.

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