Argon gas in Windows


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Argon gas in Windows

I have heard from professional window people that no matter what is said by the sales people that the gas between the panes will sooner or later leak out. Is this a true statement? It sounds right knowing what I know about chemistry.
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I believe it is called "Design Obsolescence".
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What I have heard is that about 3% may leak out per year. Assuming this loss starts immediately (which is an unknown) and assuming the loss rate stays conStant at 3%, at that rate, after 10 years you would still have 76% of the argon in your IGU.

IMO, there are not many IGU's out there that last a full 20 years anyway.

Oberon would be all over this post if he was lurking. Keep your fingers crossed and you'll get a more intelligent reply than mine. LOL

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