air circulation - home built 1972

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Cool air circulation - home built 1972

We just moved into a home that was built in 1972. There is zoned heating/air centralized to the original property and the other for the expansion that was added about 12 years ago. The issue is that both systems based the temperatures on main floor guages. That being said, the rooms on upper floor where we sleep are extrememly warm.

There is an old ceiling air circulation unit located at the top of the stairway of the original residence. The knob on the wall says to start on high (Emerson). We were advised that the windows should be open on one floor and closed on the other to best aid in the circulation. (1) I cannot remember which floor needs to have the window open, and am guessing the main floor (2) I am curious if I can run the unit with all windows closed, in order to avoid bringing in humidity from the outdoor air and merely circulate the temperature on the main floor upstairs.

Ideas and suggestions are welcome! We would really like to improve the flow of air without having to professionally re-do the zoning.
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First sounds like you have two units and not a zoned system. 2nd you should not have to open the windows this will make the temp worse. 3rd when you have temp difference between floor that can only mean one thing. Bad install! Only way to fix this is to do a heat load calculation on the home and install the correct size duct.
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It sounds like she is talking about an attic fan. You don't use those in conjunction with air conditioning. The way these fans work is that the pull air in through open windows. Which windows you open up will be your determination. I think I would open all the windows part way so all the rooms get outside air flowing through them.
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This is not always due to HVAC system balancing. You should check the insulation level in the attic. The upper floors are likely warmer in the summer because of the heat gain from the attic. Before you add insulation you need to seal all the pentrations in the ceiling to stop airflow to/from the attic. This includes sealing the gaps between the drywall and the HVAC supply boots. That whole house fan is not likely insulated or sealed so its just like having a huge hole in your ceiling that leads to the attic.

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