Energy Leaks!

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Energy Leaks!

I am an apartment renter who needs a house -- but, oh, wait. Right now my power bill for a 2 bedroom is $130, and during the heat of the day, the apartment approaches 80 degrees with the AC still running.

I am on the top (2nd) floor, and I sealed off the attic opening with duct tape. My windows don't appear to be drafty, but they are old and quite thin.

Is there ANYTHING, at ALL, I can do to the windows to perhaps save some money? Closing off a single room during the day doesn't help much.

I peaked into the attic and the ventilation hoses appear to be new and the insulation looks okay too.

Thanks in advance.
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Old, thin windows probably mean single pane glass. Double pane would help but, unless the landlord foots the bill, forget that. You could try plastic storm windows like some use in the cold months - they tape up on the inside which makes it difficult to open the windows.
Maybe the best bet is roller shades or drapes - get the room darkening type. They will block some of the heat but don't expect miracles.
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Heat enters your living space three ways, air leaks, conduction through walls and ceiling, and solar radiation.

On the side/s of your unit where the sun shines, covering the window with a reflective surface will send the solar hear right back through the glass. Don't seal the space, as you don't want the heat to build up and risk damage to the windows.

In the attic, you could add insulation or a radiant barrier under the rafters.

Your southern facing walls will also suffer from the solar energy. To prevent the heat they accumulate from entering your appartment, you can add surface insulation to as much area as possible. Duct board is rigid fiberglass at about r-4 per inch and safe to install on the interior. Add it to any surface you wish.

The list of improvised improvements may seem strange, but when they fit and work, they are worth while. One of the strangest, yet most effective I have seen was wall papering the exterior walls with aluminum foil. Strange, but they said it worked.


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