Outlet gaskets in 9yr old house?


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Outlet gaskets in 9yr old house?

Do those outlet gaskets do anything when installed in a 9yr old house on the exterior walls? As I put my hand in front of the outlets I don't feel leakage, but is it still recommended? If so where to order some from?
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Homes need 60 to 80 cfm of fresh air for good iaq. Sealing up a home is not a good idea.
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I would vote for the outlet gaskets and any other air sealing you can do, but as airman stated, homes need to breathe, so doing so without know how tight your home currently is might be questionable.

As for just the outside walls, I recommend all outlets and switch boxes and I show people how to cover them with a piece of contact paper trimmed to fit behind the cover plate. The contact paper, when done carefully can also seal around the box as well as between the box and the device. Stopping the air flow is what is important. And air that leaks into an inside wall will still find its way to the attic or outside.

Remember, below the midpoint of your house, air leaks in. Above the midpoint air leaks out, just as bad, as replacement air will come in somewhere.

PS, energy auditors can measure how tight your home is and tell you where the worst leaks are and how much you can seal and not create a problem.


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