Help, need to reducing DC output


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Help, need to reducing DC output

I have a DC 30v 0.4A battery back for my printer, but now i want to use it with my Access point which uses 12v 1A. The battery pack actually has two DC outlets,
1st outlets = 19v 3.5A for Laptops
2nd outlet = 30-33v 0.4A
using only the 1st outlet for my laptop lasts for 15 hours now i want to power my access point (12v 1A) with the 2nd outlet which supplies 30v to 33v 0.4A. i guess i can use a resistor or diode , but i dont know the types and combination to use. any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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The resistor and diode will give you the voltage but not the 1A. In theory there is barely the same amount of power, [email protected] 0.4A vs [email protected] 1A, but the circuit to make the transformation would eat up some of that power and be a bit more complicated than just the resistor and diode.

You could possibly double up on the first port with a shorter run time.

Is the the load for the access actually 1A and is it constant?


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