Old windows that the wind whistles through....


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Question Old windows that the wind whistles through....

I live in an apartment that has really really old windows. The landlord is not going to replace them or do anything to fix them so it's on me.

My major concern/problem is one large picture window that has a small sliding window on each side. The rubber that used to be around these moveable windows is rotted and only bits are left. So, when it's windy these windows rattle and the wind actually whistles, really loud, through them.

Can anyone suggest a way that I can put something around them to stop the whistling? Of course, given the landlord isn't willing to put any money into his property, I'm certainly not going invest in any costly solutions. As a last resort I may seal them closed but don't want to do that.

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Hi IM, Making improvements on a budget is harder, but not impossible. If the windows are necessary as an emergency exit, then try not to seal them closed. As a quick fix that can be removed if necessary, try some rope caulk. It comes in a roll and is about the diameter of a pencil and you can form it just like play dough. Press it in where needed and it should stop the wind whistling through.

As an extra measure, they make a shrink wrap plastic that can be secured around the perimeter of your windows and gently heated with a hair dryer to shrink it tight and it virtually disappears. This addition adds another layer of film as insulation and stops any small air leaks that may not have been caulked.

Just about anything that adds layers to the windows will help. I have seen bubble wrap applied to the inside surface of the glass with just a spray of water. It isn't fantastic, but it is usually free.

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Thick curtains can help alot too. It's a cheap alternative to disassembling the window and dealing with the possibility of damaging it further.

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