Space Heater Question


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Space Heater Question

I browsed all forums but I did not find one that is meant for space heaters... My apologies if this is not the correct forum.

I have an oil filled radiator heater (oil is sealed) that I use during winter time as supplemental heat in my family room. It is any where from 12 to 15 years old. I do not have any problems with it. The thermostat cycles fine. What I don't know is if it gets inefficient over time and consumes more electricity??? The oil inside heats up and cools down which could alter the property of the oil....

Any comments?
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With all electric appliances they don't loose efficiency
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Purchase a Kilowatt meter and see exactly how much it is using...
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I'm with airman. I don't believe it looses efficiency over time. If it is functioning properly I would not hesitate to use it.
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It's true that they don't lose efficiency over time, but they're very expensive to operate in the first place. (at least relative to the amount of heat they put out)

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