crack in wall - bellow window - possibly causing draft ?


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crack in wall - bellow window - possibly causing draft ?

we had a contractor replace old window moldings in March 2011 - but he did a terrible job with it. Cracks appeared on the sides and bottom right after the job within 2-3 weeks. It was ok so far - but now i think cold air is coming through the cracks. I cant prove it - i just feel it icon_smile.gif

Also the entire area around it is very cold to touch. Whats the best way around this ? I did try caulking it once in July. Should I open the wall right bellow the window and put insulation and put the wall back? I cannot touch the wooden areas of the window -- too complex for me.

Here is the window corner.

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Welcome to the forums Andy!

I had a little trouble viewing the pic but it appears to be just cosmetic. The caulking wasn't done properly - it should be forced into the crack and not lay on top of it. I suspect the cracks are more visible now that you are running the heat and the humidity in the house is down.

Unless it's an old house and you suspect there is no insulation, I wouldn't open up the wall.
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Andy-We had a similar crack next to a patio door. It seemed to get worse as we opened an closed the door. I called a guy who does Indianapolis door installation to fix it. He shored up the jam around the door so that it didn't "rattle" the whole wall so much when we went in an out. If the window is opened and closed frequently and the window slams, it may also need some added framing strength.

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