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Need Advice Replacing Weatherstriping Around Sliding Glass Door

Need Advice Replacing Weatherstriping Around Sliding Glass Door

Old 01-15-13, 09:44 AM
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Need Advice Replacing Weatherstriping Around Sliding Glass Door

Greetings Gurus!

I am nearing my wits end with this "locate and neutralize air leaks" mission I'm currently on due mostly to the sliding glass door or more specifically, the weatherstripping surrounding it.

First, forgive me if this topic is discussed at length somewhere in this forum. I performed my due diligence by searching repeatedly for info about subject using different and various key words I thought would help to narrow my results but came up empty. Perhaps the words I'm using in my search and this post are the incorrect nomenclature and if so, I welcome all corrections and assistance you can offer.

The target:
Basic, generic aluminum casement. Single-paned. 78"x35" sliding glass door frame (the portion of the assembly which houses or surrounds the slider and stationary sections.

The issue:
The existing weatherstripping is the felt type which sits in a slot/channel which surrounds the entire frame and makes contact with the slider in the gap between the slider and frame. That weatherstripping needs to be replaced due to it being very old and no longer makes contact with the door casement(?) at any point of travel nor when the door is closed and locked - lots of play between the slider and the track. The amount of air leaking into my house is phenomenal! When the heater/air conditioner is running, it feels like there is a giant fan outside the sliding glass door blowing tons of air into the house via the area surrounding the door.

I was able to find the replacement weatherstripping and am excited about installing it but I can not figure out how to remove the existing stuff. The channel the stripping sits in is blocked at either end by the frame making it impossible to slide the old stuff out and/or the new stuff in. Sure I could wrangle the old stuff out via various razor knives, screwdrivers, etc. but how do I install the new stuff into the channel without destroying it.
The new stuff is adhesive backed in case your particular frame is not equipped with the channels but since mine is, the adhesive has nothing to adhere to.

The second part of my dilemma is the gap at the bottom of the door between the casement and the frame. There's not enough of a gap to install this type of stripping but large enough that MAJOR amounts of air enter the house.

I'm hopeful I haven't raised more questions than answers with my description of the situation and if necessary, I can post pics. My camera is possibly the worst digital camera ever produced taking horrible photos. However, I can borrow one if I need to.

I appreciate your time and suggestions!


Chandler, AZ
Old 01-16-13, 08:02 PM
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It is hard to envision your setup from your description alone. Yes, pictures would help. The make and model of the assembly, and a link to it, if you can find one, would also help.
Old 01-16-13, 08:14 PM
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The fin weatherstripping slides into the extrusions before the individual jamb pieces are assembled in the factory/field. If completely uninstalling and disassembling the door frame is out of the question, your only other option would be to try to hack into the kerf, and make a slot so that you could get the old fin w/strip out, and feed the new one in. I doubt you would have much success with this, because hacking into the slot usually dents the kerf, pinching the fin making it impossible to remove. So much dirt gets into those tracks that getting the old fins out is often impossible, even when you disassemble the frame.

Also the fin weatherstrip is made in several different sizes and thicknesses, so I can hardly imagine that you could "guess" on which one fits your door without actually having a piece to measure.

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