Solutions for finding window leaks


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I have leaks by windows; I've bought caulk for fixing, but
I've got my doubts. I'm wondering if this will forever fix the leaks. Is there a way to find leaks around windows ??

I need some help on this matter.
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Finding out WHY a window is leaking is usually not an easy task. Are these originals window in the house, or were they retrofitted, or are they some that was put in as replacements? (The more history you are able to give us, the easier it will be to help you). What kind of siding and/or trim is involved around these windows? What are the window frames made of? Finally, I am assuming that you are dealing with a frame leak, not just condensation forming on the inside of the glass. Or could it be a siding leak that you are looking at? Provide the best answers you can to these questions, and we can go from there. (Saying you have "leaks by windows" is a lot like going to a mechanic and saying "my car won't start." -- we need to narrow things down a little.)
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A lighted cigarette or a candle flame can help you find air leaks around windows and doors. It helps if it is a windy day, or if you have a fireplace, start a fire, and that will suck make-up air in at any air leaks.

Like Lefty said, find out why. It is probably too cold to be caulking if it is below 50 F where you are caulking.

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