How was gas does a gas fireplace use?


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We bought our first house in September. Moved out of a rental with propane heat into our home with gas heat and a gas fireplace. We used the fireplace almost nightly during the month of November. Hubby says, it doesn't use any more gas than a gas stove would. I thought, ok...we'll see. Got the gas bill in December, and while I realize the price of natural gas has tripled in some areas, the bill was almost $300!!! We didn't use the fireplace at all in December. Next gas bill was $240. much gas does a gas fireplace really use?
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I understand what you are asking, but you are using the wrong numbers to compare the two gas bills (Nov. and Dec.). Look at the 2 bills again and see how much gas you used -- the THERMS -- not the number of dollars involved.

If you are looking for ways to reduce your gas consumption (and who isn't!), look at things like the amount of insulation in the attic, your windows, air leaks around doors, the age of the house (which may tell us about how much insulation is in the walls), etc. You can make improvements that will cut the AMOUNT of gas you use in half. But if the price of gas doubles, your bill will be the same number of dollars. Repost and tell us more about your home. We can make a dent in the gas bill.

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