Caps for Holes in Vinyl Siding


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Caps for Holes in Vinyl Siding

Good morning!

In 2009, we had insulation blown into our walls through the outside. I only realized now that the company should have lifted up the vinyl siding and drilled into the wood to blow in the insulation. However, they drilled through both the vinyl siding and wood.
They then filled the holes with plastic caps, which eventually started to fall out over the years. I called the company and they returned to replace the caps; however, this time the caps were a bit too small and continued to fall out.

Does anyone know where I can find these caps or if they are even available for purchase?
Or is there anything else I can do to plug these holes? Caulk doesn't seem like a very good option.

Please let me know. Thanks!
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My son has a house that was sided with a fairly cheap vinyl siding. There are various places where the previous owner had some how damaged the siding and pop riveted in patches. These patches are noticeable under inspection but really don't pop out at you if you just walk past them. I don't know anything about the caps.
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Unbelievable that that's the way they did that!!! It would have taken about 1, min. to unlock the siding and do it right.
I'd be replacing the whole piece of siding.
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If it was insulated in cold weather they might not have been able to lift the siding without breaking it. In that case they should have advised the you to wait for warmer weather, not drill straight through. In addition to replacing the siding as joe suggested you should check to see how the repaired the wood sheathing and the house wrap which acts as the drain plane. Vinyl siding is expected to allow some water to get past it, it is that drainage plane which has to carry the water down to the bottom and out.

Now, finding a matching color may be a problem as even the same color may not match your aged siding. They did it wrong and their insurance company should be picking up the tab.


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