Thermostat & Energy Efficiency


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Thermostat & Energy Efficiency

I apologize if I am beating a dead horse and this has been asked before, for starters.
I have a two-story 2500 sq ft home. The thermostat that controls the heat for the whole house is in the bottom level. We have natural gas heat. I live in NJ where it gets a little chilly at times in the winter. Last year we had 2 pipes freeze and it was a very stressful experience watching one blast a hole through my drywall. In Sub-zero temperatures, we subsequently raise our heat to 70 degrees now.

My wife and I work 7-5 M-F. When we are not home, we set the house on 56 degrees. When we arrive home, the program kicks the heat up to 65 (at 5pm), and it drops to 63 at 10 pm. At 6 AM the heat begins to drop back down to 56. Is it inefficient to let the heat drop all day and then run for quite some time to get the house warm again in the evening? What are the most efficient temperatures to heat the home to reduce energy costs?

Thank you in advance
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Personally, I don't like more than a 5 degree swing but as cold as you keep the house, you probably can't lower the cost anymore than you already have.

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