*** How to prep house for attic insulation ***

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*** How to prep house for attic insulation ***

Tried searching on the forums, but didn't see anything about this in the last little bit, so decided to start a thread.

I am in the process of looking to re-up attic insulation and will likely go with fiberglass or cellulose. I have a toddler and baby in my house and wanted to ensure I prep the house well before the contractors come in and have a thorough clean up plan after they're gone. My main concerns are the fiberglass that's in the air and on surfaces after the contractors go.

1. What's the best strategy to ensure my toddlers or even myself won't be breathing this stuff in.
2. If the contractors do a good job, should there be minimal or next to nothing escape from the blower or attic?
3. Since the attic opening is in my walk in closet in the master bedroom, should I put plastic tarp/covering all over that room to ensure fiberglass doesn't get on anything like the clothes or bed?
4. If above is done, will removing the tarp cause the fiberglass on them to just go back in the air?
5. Having all the above, if the answer is, yeah tough luck there's no way about it, I'm probably going to lean towards cellulose just for health and safety concerns.

Thanks in advance for responses!

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The couple of times I have done this I ran the discharge hose into the attic from the outside so did not have to bring it inside the house!

Doing that where was nothing that we noticed inside!

I have only used cellulose and tend to stay away from all fiberglass products!
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I have only used fiberglass as a retrofit and never noticed any fibers or issues with it. There is some mess near the access to the attic during insulation but that is to be expected. After the work is done a vacuuming or damp moping takes care of it. Many of my older homes have cellulose insulation and there is no issue with dust or particulate from them unless someone goes up there to do work, then it is often tracked back into the house on shoes or clothing.
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I understand your concern. I've insulated attics with fiberglass over a dozen times without a problem. Be mindful to handle materials with some care (Don't toss them around.) and lay them on a tarp. Empty the closet fully and keep the door closed while you're working then vacuum the closet, afterward.

If you have attic ductwork, make sure it's properly sealed and have the contractors seal around fixtures, wiring, and any holes they find. But, that should be done anyway.

Finally, express your concerns with the contractors.
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Empty the closet fully and keep the door closed while you're working

I would highly recommend cutting a hole in the garage ceiling or pull off some siding and cut a hole to feed discharge hose through vs taking that into the house.

The hole is easy to patch, you wont be able to shut the door so if any fibers dust are generated it will be throughout the entire house!

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