removing mirror from wall


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please help!
i'm redecorating a half bedroom, which has a large (say, 4' x 4') mirror on the wall above the counter. I think it's stuck on. the house is only two years old.
How do i remove the mirror from the wall?
Will it break?
Is it dangerous?
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The mirror is probably glued on in spots. When it fogs, then clears, the glue spots hold the fog longer than the rest of the mirror. You can mark them with a dry-erase marker if you want.

If near the edge, cut through the glued areas with a hacksaw blade. There will probably be at least one near the center of the mirror. You can cut through these with piano wire (small diameter) long enough to span the mirror plus a foot.

Will it break? You can just about count on it. Is it dangerous? It can be if you let the pieces fall. Tape it in many directions to have it hold together when it does break. Duct tape will work. Masking tape maybe. Good luck.
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some help
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First use tape and cross tape the get some wood shingles and slide under the mirror with just a little take the hair dryer and heat the glue areas
as the glue warmes push shingle in more...take your time do not get mirror to hot just warm works well...this works I do it all the time...Good luck

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