Ridge Vents


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Ridge Vents

I am looking for some advice on ridge vents. My home is constructed of steel studs and during the summer months the steel contracts the sun and my attic is usually fairly hot. I have approx. 2100 SF of floor space in the attic or 5250 cubic feet of attic space. I currently have soffit vents every 8', 2 end gable vents and 4 small 10" x 10" roof vents. I am considering installing ridge vents or an electric fan at 1 end of gable vent to suck the air out. I would prefer the ridge vents but want it to be the most productive. I understand that if I install the ridge vents, I should close off the roof and gable vents. What are my best options? Thanks in advance.
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Hello: Accurate Drywall

Based upon the excellent description, I would suggest an attic fan as the best method to add ventilation. Either a gable vent fan or a roof mounted fan. The fans come in several cfm ratings.

Several other resident heating and cooling professionals, replying within this forum, may have alternate or additional information, suggestions, advice, opinions, and or a better understanding of the circumstances and or conditions, based upon the nature of the request contained within your question.

Check back several times for additional replies.

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There is no such thing as too much ventilation. Though there are numerous experts in this industry that may not agree with me. You could add the ridge vents but it will not lower your attic temperature that much or at all. Mechanical ventilation, like the gable or roof fan you mentioned, will.

There are several reasons why natural ventilation of an attic will not bring down the temperature during the summer. They are, the dominant heat transfer mechanism in attics during the summer is radiant. The dominant heat transfer mechanism with insulation is diffusion. Which one of its characteristics is to retain heat. Probably the major factor why temperatures in attic are higher than outside during the summer. However, at the same time the insulation prohibits the heat from going into the home. And lastly, your ventilation system is designed to prohibit moisture problems in the attic during the winter and not the summer.

The attic fan will probably be your best choice. If and when you have to replace your roof, consider a light colored or reflective type of roofing shingle. You can also search the web for radiant barriers. The DOE has a fact sheet on radiant barriers. To be honest, I found the fact sheet to raise more questions than answers.
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Lightbulb Roof vents

You need 1/300 ratio of vent area vs attic area which makes it 7 sq ft evenly distributed among the soffit adn roof vents

3.5 sq ft NET free vent area, the 10x10 roof vents only have a net free area of 50 sq in or 1/3 of a sq ft.

You need 11 MINIMUM to meet code requriements for winter attic ventilation, more would be better for summer needs.

Ridge vents work well until the "filter" plugs up with dirt and dust (if you buy the type that uses a filter, most do)

Personally I would replace the 4 "roof vents" with 4 12" wind turbines, this will give you the most cooling effect for the least physical labor.

Avoid powered vents, they have been proven by independent labs to use more power than they save.
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