Pool backwash for irrigation


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Pool backwash for irrigation

My sand filter has me backwashing the water to where ever. I'm thinking of piping that water to gardening areas. Not really 'green gardening' as the water still gets run into the pool but it's not as wasteful and is allowed in my area that has water restrictions in place.

It wouldn't be a full flow to any area but more so tapping into a 2" PVC run where desired.

My one concern is debris that may clog any outlets that I use at the watering point or in any regulators.

The landscaping isn't in yet on one side of the house and another, established area has a few bushes, some grass, a tree or two and 7 or 8 rose bushes.

To me, it sounds like a great way to save on water but again - what about clogging? Is there any method or in-line (easy to maintain) device that can prevent that?
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Double check the legality of what you plan to do. Pool water contains lots of chemicals. You'd likely need salt tolerant plant species to survive the chemicals. Bermuda grass and Oleanders are pretty tolerant, but do not use on citrus plants, hibiscus, or salt intolerant plants. Do not spray water on leaves. Avoid disposing or using water repeatedly in the same area.

If you have to drain the pool, it's best to put it down the sewer clean out if you are on a sewer. Never backwash into a septic system. Make sure pool is plumbed to code. There should not be a permanent drain line installed, as it can violate plumbing codes and contaminate pool when refilling. Check with local building code office for what you plan to do.

Backwash hoses and hose reels are available. Clogs would not be a problem with an open hose. Water could be used for washing driveway, sidewalks, flower pots, patio, etc.

Most tend to recommend for greater water conservation for pool owners to properly maintain the water and reduce the need for backwashing.
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I wondered about the chems involved but so many people out here say it's not a problem. I'll check with the city about it.

The backwash is thru the 'waste' on the multi-port valve. Right now I have a 50 foot backwash hose attatched that runs to 50 feet of PVC to get to where it empties.

I know one thing - the one rose bush that's very close to the end is in the best shape out of all of them.

I'm still not too keen about running the chlorine water to grow areas tho'.

It was just a thought and I guess it's more a pool matter at this point than a 'green garden' thought. but I never thought about using it for washing down the patio and such. That's workable!

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