Replanting Easter Lilys


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Replanting Easter Lilys

Any thing special I should know about replanting an Easter Lily?
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Hello, rpatzer and welcome to the forums!

It's hard to know if your Easter lily will survive and bloom again next summer. Some species will and some won't, and it depends on where you live, as well.

But, there's no harm trying, so,
It may be possible to plant your Easter Lily outdoors and have it bloom again for you, next season. The success rate will vary, as with all florist plants that have been forced into bloom. But it is possible and what have you got to loose?

* Wait until all the flowers have withered and been removed from the plant. Keep the plant watered and in indirect sunlight until it is ready to go outside.

* Wait until all danger of frost has passed and find a sunny, well draining spot in your garden.

* Amend the soil with some organic matter, if needed. Soil pH should be a neutral 6.5 to 7.0.

* Plant the Easter Lily bulb to the same depth it was in the pot.

* Add an additional 2-inch layer of organic mulch. Lilies like sunshine, but cool soil.

* The original leaves and stem will start to brown. When this begins to happen, cut the plant down to a healthy, green leaf. New growth should soon emerge from the base of the plant. Let the plant grow foliage the first year.

* The new growth will turn yellow in the fall and the lily plant can then be cut back to soil level.

* Top dress the soil with bulb fertilizer or blood meal. Work into surrounding soil, making sure not to disturb the lilies roots.

* Apply a few more inches of mulch to insulate the plant through the winter.

* Remove the mulch as the weather warms in the spring.

* Begin applying a balanced fertilizer as soon as new growth appears and monthly until the lily blooms.

* Be patient. It may take a couple of yearís for your plant to build up enough resources to set flower buds. Easter Lilies naturally bloom in June/July, so donít look for flowers next Easter.

* If youíve come this far successfully, keep your lily well watered the first year as it establishes itself and then treat it as you would any other lily.

Credit for this nice, long agenda to My directions would have left out a couple of those steps
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Thanks- I have printed it out.

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