Wood chips in low lying area?


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Wood chips in low lying area?

We just had 6 large trees taken down by a local tree guy. All went well and I had him chip the remains into a low lying area on the back 1/2 of our acre.

We are hoping to fill that area with fill dirt, then infield mix in the next few seasons so the kids can have a field back there to play on. Right now it's about 4 - 6 feet lower then our main yard and somewhat wet.

I got a call back from the tree guy today asking if I would be interested in letting him dump more loads of wood chips from his other jobs in my back 1/2 acre which he would spread out evenly. I asked if he would adjust the price for the 6 trees he just downed and chipped and he said he'd grind all 6 stumps for me for letting him dump the chips in the backyard, probably saving me 500 - 800.

Now I'm thinking it's a win win for us, but was a little concerned about how long those chips would take to decompse, if their decomposition would uneven the eventual fill on top, and what we'd be left with after the fact. I was hoping it would turn into a fine soil over time and assumed there wouldn't be any concern with termites, etc which live underground.

Anything to worry about here other then the lawn from my driveway to the back 1/2 acre being driven over by his trucks?

Thanks in advance. AW
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Hi AW,
It will take years for all those wood chips to completely decompose, but as they decompose, the sink hole will keep returning. You'll add dirt repeatedly to keep the hole filled to grade.

I don't see any problem as long as you realize you'll be "topping off" that hole for a number of years.
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Wood chips in low lying area?

Your low lying area will end being a soggy mess for years, especially if you add "dirt".

Water will collect and the soil will not settle.

The tree trimmer just found a place to dump his refuse and waste that may not be accepted elsewhere. The chips will cause settlement as they decompose. "Dirt" will hold water and keep it in the low area.

You would be better off by buying granular fill that will keep your kids clean and dry for years.

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