fast growing trees (thujo giants)


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fast growing trees (thujo giants)

i bought some fast growing trees about 3 years ago.

i was i little upset when they arrived and they were clipping approx 12 to 18 inches, not young/small trees

anyway, they are all growing and health but have only grown about six to eight inches

i heard they do grow fast once they are established. i thing i did something wrong or the clipping take longer to start growing "fast"

either way if they dont start growing fast this year, there is something wrong

does anyone have any experience w/ these trees or insight about what i should expect


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Hi JC,

There's so much missing info here that I'm not sure where to start. The term "fast growing" is relative to other plant material, so growing 4" to 6" a year can be considered fast if normally that species only grows 1" a year.

Exactly what did you order? Maybe these trees are Thuja? Could they be Thuja 'Green Giant' aka Arborvitae?

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You might consider going over to the gardenweb forums and checking in on the tree and soil areas. In the meantime a I hear a fence (Fencius Domesticus) can grow to six feet tall in just a week!

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