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Talking POND questions


I have a an empty concrete pond with a giant modern metal sculpture in the middle of it, that is basically standing on two 32"x32" blocks of concrete.. As you can imagine its very unsightly. Im looking for a cost efficent solution to covering up the ugly concrete blocks as well as the pond floor. some ideas i had where perhaps tiling the floor, but im unsure what kind of tile i would need to buy and i really dont want something mosaic since its a modern home with a very modern sculpture.. Second thought was if i could flagstone the pond floor, but i havent seen flagstone used for the bottom ever, usually just the sides of a pond. Any suggestions? i'm open to anything

thank you kindly,
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you might want to check into covering the 'cement pond' with 45mill tarp and then getting a solar pump
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Wink Pond solutions

Regarding your pond, is it just a sloped pond without walls that extend up beyoud the ground surface? or is it a wading pool type of pond that has sided above the ground surface?

If it does not have a curb or sides that extend above the ground, why don't you put in some travertine colored rock or gravel to cober the bottom? I assume that since it is a pond that it circulates water from a pump. Moving water over a rock surface looks natural (and modern) You can then lay flagstone extending slightly over the edges of the pond to complete a modern and natural look.
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This might sound silly... But can you grow some plants or wall-clinging algae in the pond floor. As for the cement block, I have seen people covering it with some kind of moss or fern and it looked very attractive.
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Hey simpo the answer you suggested is not silly. Infact i did the same to cover pond in my grandpas home. Its good and looks lovely. I dont have pics of that now but i may get in few days.

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