remove, or not to remove


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remove, or not to remove

Should we remove, or leave this tree?

We have a pine tree, probably 25+ years old, and somewhere between 30 and 36 feet tall. An ice storm, back in 95 or 96, broke the top off. Other than being topless , the tree seems to be doing fine.

However, we have two concrete slabs I'm concerned with. A 10 x 12, which is 10 feet away from the trunk, and our main patio, about 25 feet away.

Here are some pics, along with a root that has made it past the tree's canopy.

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The tree looks like it is leaning toward the house. If so, I would remove it. Pine needles in the guttering can also be a problem. If shade is an important factor, consider another species.
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Thanks, you settled an argument, lol. Tree will be removed
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Am I seeing power lines behind the tree? If so, I'm not sure I'd plant again along that line.
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13 years ago I was faced with a similar decision and I decided not to remove it. In those 13 years the tree got considerably larger so when I finally decided to get rid of it it was no longer a DIY project but required hiring a professional crew which was considerably more expensive. So, my vote is to get rid of the tree sooner rather than later.
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Aww nice white pine. Too bad your going to cut it down. Definitely not a good place for such a large growing tree though. PoCo would butcher it anyway.

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